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Vanda Engine is the new FREE development platform for Games and realtime interactive 3D on Windows

Vanda Products, Inc have released the Vanda Engine RTI Рa new free development platform to deliver solutions for specific requirements including urban planning, architecture, designing, planning and game development.

Featuring a technology called VScenes, the engine allows anyone to begin building by constructing over many layers or as they call VScenes.

Technically, a VScene is a collection of objects, external scenes in COLLADA format, a PhysX XML scene or built in physics elements, rendering effects, extra textures and other such elements that form the blocks of a real time interative scene.

Check out more information on how VScene works here. Consider following them on Facebook to be informed about what they’re doing.

Check out their gallery to see how Vanda Engine is getting work done.

Currently, the RTI Basic version is free to download and the RTI Pro version is set to come soon. The RTI Basic version is also Free for Commercial use.

Download page link: http://vandaengine.com/download-vanda-engine/