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Ember Conflict is the new Multiplayer RTS for Mobiles

There is a dearth of RTS titles for all handheld devices running either iOS, Android or Windows. Substantial Games, a Beijing based startup developer wants to close this gap with their new title Ember Conflict.

Scheduled to release this fall on the iOS, Ember Conflict is a competitive multiplayer RTS  with short matches on tablets.

In the Ember Conflict, players take on the role of company commanders and customize their armies using a system inspired by tabletop war games such as Warhammer. Each unit has a point cost to use and armies can only include so many points’ worth of units. This system allows players to easily customize armies to match their own play style, spending big points on a few heavy-hitters, buying a lot of weak units with which to zerg the enemy, or striking a balance somewhere in between. According to developer Pin Wang, players “start off with a few basic units, and can recruit more as they play”. Once players have armies they are satisfied with, they’ll be able to queue up for a 1v1 or 2v2 match using the game’s matchmaking system.

emberconflict2 (1)

Wang also adds that 1v1 matches last for about a minute while 2v2 last anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes. Right now, winning is based either capturing Control Points or Eliminating enemy units.

For the first time, Wang also shares the introduction to the game,

“Ten thousand years ago a tragedy shook the planet, forgotten because nobody was left to remember. But life, slowly yet inevitably, has nursed itself back to health. Open plains, lush forests and roaring rivers are once again filled with the diversity and beauty of life.

“Human civilization steps, for a second time, towards its renaissance. Warfare is supercharging technological advancement, and the shores of a great, new continent have just been rediscovered. As bloodshed breaks out over virgin territory, will the unlearned lessons of the past stay buried, or rise to the surface once again?

“Welcome to the world of The Ember Conflict, where human, animal, and the monster of history struggle for survival and glory.”


Win a free copy of Dwelvers by offering Suggestions

The developers of Dwelvers are looking for suggestions about what should be in the game. They’ve created a contest on Reddit. The suggestions with high votes win a free copy of the game.

Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/IndieGaming/comments/1tt28v/dwelvers_surface_world_introduced_win_a_free_copy/

Dwelvers Alpha v0.6 is currently available for download. Follow this link. The game manual is here.

Dwelvers is a real time strategy game inspired by classics Dungeon Keeper and The Settlers. You play as an Evil Dungeon Lord and guide your minions in digging out paths and rooms, claiming it for yourself and grow your dungeon.

As a Dungeon Lord, it’ll become your responsibility to keep your minions happy, grow a formidable army and defeat your enemies. However, you’ll also need to keep an eye on your supplies and ensure that you’re not running out. Also, you’ll need to stack up on lots of Beer. As the devs would like to put it, “A drunk minion is a happy minion.”

Dwelvers is being developed by a 6 man team,

Rasmus Ljunggren (Developer),
Ben “BurningPet” Palgi (Game and Graphics Designer),
Erin “CobraMode” McClellan (Creatures 3D artist),
Omri Lahav (Original Music) with Jeff Willet (Additional Music),
Ameena (Story Writer)