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Core of Innocence: A free donation-ware Platformer

Developed by a four man team called PuddingHat Games, Core of Innocence is an adult-themed adventure platformer that also adds several elements from other genres. This includes equippable items, spells and special tools to help you in your journey.

The developers have released the game free for download. They’ve added a donation system through which you can donate/ tip them for the all the hard work they’ve put in. Donation starts from $5.

The game follows the story of a girl Laila who is looking for clues on the whereabouts of her missing mother. An ancient evil reveals itself thrusting Laila into a world she didn’t really expect. According the developer team, on her journey, she learns more about her past and gains powers that will help her destory those who cause her people harm.

The following are the game features I picked up from the official website.

Use this link to go to their download page.


  • Eight different massive areas to explore, complete with in game mapping system
  • Hundreds of equippable items in a graphically enhanced inventory
  • An arsenal of weapons to use in combat, ranging from swords, boomerangs, nunchaku, and… a laser rifle?!
  • Fanservice!
  • Secret areas and more!

Enjoying Platforming with Teslagrad

Nikolai Tesla has continued to inspire many of us who believe in his selfless contributions for mankind. Norwegian developer Rain Games has referenced Tesla with their new platformer Teslagrad.

Set in a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe, Teslagrad brings many elements that will be essential to explore and soak the massive non-linear world.

Konstantinos Dimopoulos from the indiegames website shares that despite a few niggles one might have here or there, Teslagrad makes for the best platformer he’s encountered since Thomas Was Alone.”

The game will require you to use magnetism and other electromagnetic powers that are gained throughout to overcome the game’s challenges and explore the abandoned Tesla Tower.

Teslagrad released on 13th December and is currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac via Steam, GOG and Desura.