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Now Play Vinyl Records with your Smartphone

German Record label Kontor hit up some advertising agencies with a new awe inspiring technology to promote DJ Boris Dlugosch’s new album.


Everyone loves Vinyl, but honestly, no one really has that sort of vintage tech to play one in the office. How do you counter this? Kontor sends in a package complete with Orange Vinyls, an office turntable and a QR code for a smartphone to act as a Vinyl player!


Educational App being developed to harness and build Multiple Intelligence

In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, published a theory on multiple intelligence. He proposed eight different intelligence aspects that account for a broader range of human potential in both children and adults.

My Intelligence is a smartphone app that is currently being developed by the lads in Syscotech India. They believe that Dr. Gardner’s theory will help anyone identify their stronger elements of intelligence. They wish to bring about a change in the entire thinking pattern and the way we learn or think.

I found their “About” section to be highly informational and highly recommend you give it a gander.

If you wish to be notified about when the app will be available for a Public beta (testing), subscribe to the mailing list on their website.