Explore an Open Universe Sci-Fi Space MMO with Entropy

If you’ve laid your hands on 4X Space Strategy games or even dabbled with the strategy for a while, you’re going to love what Entropy has to offer.

According the game’s developer, Artplant, Entropy is a “sandbox science fiction MMOG with a strong focus on freeform gameplay and large-scale space combat.” Currently being offered as an Early Access game, players have the opportunity to decide the game’s developmental direction and help create the next-best sci-fi MMO experience.

The Early Access release comes with a host of inspiring features including multiplayer space combat that can hold more than a hundred players simultaneously, a player-driven trading system, a developing dynamic mission system in addition to mining, salvaging and exploring the massive open-world. Since the game is community driven, the community also contributes to the games overall direction in terms of gameplay and other elements.

The game is being made available in three variants – Entropy Colonist ($17.99), Entropy Explorer ($35.99) and Entropy Founder ($89.99). The prices mentioned here are after the 10% holiday sale discount.

Entropy is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get it on Steam.


Vanda Engine is the new FREE development platform for Games and realtime interactive 3D on Windows

Vanda Products, Inc have released the Vanda Engine RTI – a new free development platform to deliver solutions for specific requirements including urban planning, architecture, designing, planning and game development.

Featuring a technology called VScenes, the engine allows anyone to begin building by constructing over many layers or as they call VScenes.

Technically, a VScene is a collection of objects, external scenes in COLLADA format, a PhysX XML scene or built in physics elements, rendering effects, extra textures and other such elements that form the blocks of a real time interative scene.

Check out more information on how VScene works here. Consider following them on Facebook to be informed about what they’re doing.

Check out their gallery to see how Vanda Engine is getting work done.

Currently, the RTI Basic version is free to download and the RTI Pro version is set to come soon. The RTI Basic version is also Free for Commercial use.

Download page link: http://vandaengine.com/download-vanda-engine/

Ballpoint Universe – Infinite brings ballpoint pen art to the Game

Ballpoint Universe – Infinite was just released on Steam. The entire game is composed of worlds drawn with a ballpoint pen.

Exploration in this world seems beautiful and addictive. As you progress, you will uncover the secrets of the Doodles and customize your Ink-Ship for battles ahead!

The developers of the game, Arachnid Games is a three man team based in San Francisco, California, USA.

The game is now available at 25% off. Get it on Steam.

Educational App being developed to harness and build Multiple Intelligence

In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, published a theory on multiple intelligence. He proposed eight different intelligence aspects that account for a broader range of human potential in both children and adults.

My Intelligence is a smartphone app that is currently being developed by the lads in Syscotech India. They believe that Dr. Gardner’s theory will help anyone identify their stronger elements of intelligence. They wish to bring about a change in the entire thinking pattern and the way we learn or think.

I found their “About” section to be highly informational and highly recommend you give it a gander.

If you wish to be notified about when the app will be available for a Public beta (testing), subscribe to the mailing list on their website.

Enjoying Platforming with Teslagrad

Nikolai Tesla has continued to inspire many of us who believe in his selfless contributions for mankind. Norwegian developer Rain Games has referenced Tesla with their new platformer Teslagrad.

Set in a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe, Teslagrad brings many elements that will be essential to explore and soak the massive non-linear world.

Konstantinos Dimopoulos from the indiegames website shares that despite a few niggles one might have here or there, Teslagrad makes for the best platformer he’s encountered since Thomas Was Alone.”

The game will require you to use magnetism and other electromagnetic powers that are gained throughout to overcome the game’s challenges and explore the abandoned Tesla Tower.

Teslagrad released on 13th December and is currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac via Steam, GOG and Desura.

Subnautica announced, Gameplay underwater

Unknown Worlds, the indie studio behind the team-based shooter Natural Selection 2 have decided to explore new territory with their next project.

Titled Subnautica, the new game will combine elements from role playing, sandboxes, exploration and cinematic games in a unique underwater setting!

Currently in the making, the developers say they’ve assembled a team and are working on creating assets, building animations and recording soundscapes.

They’ve got a website up for all information about the game. They’ve also been quite active on Facebook and Twitter.

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