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Every single Nuclear Detonation from 1945 to 1998 on a Video

As a curator for a Japanese Museum, Isao Hashimoto intended to reach out to everyone in the world with a video showing every single Nuclear detonation in the world from 1945 – 1998. The video also adds the Nuclear bombs dropped by the USA in Hiroshima and Nagasaki regions of Japan.

On this video, 1 second is 1 month and each blinking light, sound and numbers on the world map show how many detonations/ experiments have been conducted by which specific country.

The video is based on data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The number is considered to be accurate. It includes both underground and atmospheric nuclear tests. For some of these tests, more than one nuclear device was detonated at the same time, increasing the overall yield, but it was only counted as one test.

The number of experiments should serve as a clear indication of which country has been doing the most nuclear experimentation so far. It is a well known joke that the country doing the most Nuclear experimentation ends up accusing a smaller country of either housing nuclear weapons or conducting experimentation.

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Say Hello to the all new BMW i3 Electric Car

Before I even begin talking about BMW and their all new electric cars, I’d want to put this out – I’m a big fan of BMW. Although I don’t own any of their cars (well, I can’t afford it), I’ve been a passenger in many BMWs and driven one 5-series BMW car till date.

I was delighted when I heard BMW’s new entry of electric cars, the philosophy of which they referred to as “sustainable mobility.” This entire vision encapsulates their idea of new and visionary electric vehicles, inspiring design (oh I love their design), and a new understanding of “premium” strongly defined by sustainability. I’d love to talk about this, but first, here’s a video review of the BMW i3 from Marek Drives.

BMW i3 Review

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Say Hello to Magnic Light iC – The next-gen Bicycle Dynamo

Magnic Light iC is a revolutionary new micro-controlled, contactless dynamo-powered bike light system that works without any additional components  attached to the wheels.

Designed by Dirk Strothmann, Magnic Light iC is powered by magnets and weighs around 60 grams. It can generate never-ending bright light without the use of any batteries, wheel-contact, cables or resistance!

What is most satisfying is how Strothmann brought together these principles of natural physics into the most efficient, usable product. This should certainly serve as another example to some bigger companies.  Magnic Light iC is currently on Kickstarter and looking for funding.

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Voyagers – A 20 metre Visual Museum inside a Museum

A permanent installation in the National Maritime Museum’s new Sammy Ofer Wing, Voyagers is an introduction to the extraordinary depth and range of the Museum’s collections.

Designed by exhibition designers Real Studio, the Voyagers gallery is a 20 metre 3D wave-like structure stretching the entire length of the room. Installed by The Light Surgeons, the Voyagers features a massive collection of 300 meta tagged images and films from the museum’s extensive collection. They’ve then translated all of this content into a series of thematic journeys that unfold down the wave. As these designs cascade down the room, the globe projection displays thematic key words relating to each asset in the journey onto a digital navigational device inspired by the museums collection of armillary spheres.

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Japanese Scientists believe Universe is a Giant Hologram, Offer Evidence

A group of Japanese scientists have concluded that the Universe is a Giant Hologram. They have also presented evidence to suggest that the Universe is nothing but a projection and a big hologram.

They’ve managed to come to this conclusion after analyzing the hypothesis of the theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena.
was credited for finding the connection between the string theory and the gauge theory. According to the model published by Juan Maldacena, gravity in the universe arises because of the finest vibrating strings.

At the University of Ibraki, the team headed by Yoshifumi Hyakutake, calculated the the internal energy of the black hole, the position of its event horizon, which is a space-time boundary that separates it from the rest of the universe, and entropy. Corresponding calculations of the energy were made for open space. As a result, the calculations coincided. They’ve also published in their articles that Juan Maldacena’s assumptions are true.

Tesla Motors redefine Electric Cars: Model S best selling Car

Tesla Motors’ Model S is currently the first electric car to top sales rankings in any country. The Model S has also won numerous awards and recognition such as the 2013 World Green Car of the Year, 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, Automobile Magazine’s 2013 Car of the Year, Time Magazine Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012 award, Consumer Reports’ top-scoring car ever!

The official Environmental Protection Agency (EPA-USA) range for the Performance Model S equipped with a 85kWh Lithium-Ion battery pack is a whopping 426km making Tesla Motors’ Model S the electric car with the the greatest range available in the market. (Also topping the Tesla Roadster).

The Model S has sold over 18,200 units globally that includes over a 1,000 cars sold in Europe, and over 4,900 cars sold in North America alone, ahead of the Chevrolet Volt (4,421) and the Nissan Leaf (3,695). The Model S was also the top selling car in Norway with a market share of 5.1% of all new cars sold in the country in September 2013, becoming the first electric car to top sales rankings in any country.

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To check out the full features and specifications of the car, head to the official Tesla Motors website.

Make usable Pencils with this awesome Waste Paper Processor

The P&P Waste Paper Processor is one of it’s kind. A sexy looking gadget with one simple objective – Convert your waste paper into usable pencils.

This waste paper processor takes any paper of prescribed size and produces pencils on the other side. All it needs to work is your regular power source, pencil lead and glue. You just have to refill it with lead/ graphite powder and glue when it’s running out. Also included is a slot for sharpening pencils when you need it! There are also two modes of operation – Auto and Manual.

This waste paper processor is so revolutionary that it also went on to win the Liteon Award.

Designers: Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan & Chao Chen

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