This Week in Gaming – 19th Jan

I finally managed to squeeze time between office, commute and life for gaming. I spent the entire of last week getting back to playing RPGs and then veered towards classic MMORPGs. Again.

But first, Witcher 2.


When I think about RPGs now, I’m reminded of the beautiful universe of Witcher 2. I was never able to finish Witcher 2: The Assassins of Kings the first time I played the game. It’s been so long now, I re-downloaded the game via Steam, fired it up and there I was, getting around the tutorial again.

As I started helping King Foltest in his siege, I realized there was so much more about this game I just could see earlier. Now, I appreciate this game’s beauty so much more!

I played the first Witcher and I absolutely loved the game. Witcher 2 is so different and unique that I sometimes wonder if CD Projekt RED sold their soul to the devil or something. Witcher 2 is unforgiving – through out the game, battles, conversations, travel and element of surprises will serve as a reminder that you’d have to use your brains.


MU Online

Whaaat? Yes. MU Online is one of the greatest hallmarks of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. At one time, MU Online used to house one of the biggest populations of online players and is credited with having built a framework for future MMORPGs the same way Diablo paved the way for more Action RPGs.

MUOnline - IndieSpring

So what brought me to MU Online? I was looking through so many new MMORPG offerings and I realized that most of them were deep in the F2P well that it made sense to play an MMORPG that didn’t begin as an F2P or with an item shop. I went to the MU Online website and downloaded the game. In about 10 minutes, I was ready to create a new character and venture into the world of MU.

After creating a Dark Knight, I passed the short load screen to be welcomed into the town of Lorencia. BOOM! I couldn’t see crap! The game is so full of players even now, it made it difficult to understand what the bloody hell was actually happening. After I got used to being overwhelmed, I figured what to do next – HUNT!

As a classic MMORPG that came out in 2001, there is a lot of grind. Although tiresome sometimes, the idea is to figure out a way to keep it interesting – something that modern MMORPGs are doing more.

MU Online does have an item shop, however there is only a marginal possibility of getting more powerful than someone else the same level as yours. More focus is based on natural exploration, drops from hunting, quest rewards, stats and builds, skills and timing.



Remember 2Moons anyone? I used to play 2Moons when Akklaim first introduced it as an F2P. My first character was a Senegale Hunter and I sort of enjoyed the game. I was knee deep in A3 back then, so I just didn’t play 2Moons anymore.

2Moons was the name Akklaim used to introduce Dekaron to a western audience. Now, Dekaron is Dekaron and their website is global.

The game features 7 classes – Azure Knight, Segita Hunter, Incar Magician, Vicious Summoner, Segnale, Bagi Warrior and the newly added Aloken.

The game has also added a DK system – A massive PVP ground where everyone can join the battle and be graded. A TransUp system – Quest based system for players above lvl 131 to gain new skills and grow their might, The Land of Death – A new map with the all new Tier 20 weapons.

I made an Azure Knight and I currently stand at lvl 30. As a new comer, I received some talismans to help gain more exp for 24 hours. Had I continued playing, I’d have probably hit lvl 50 or more with the Talisman. Anyway, 24 hours have passed and I don’t have the item now. So, what’s different in Dekaron? I can tell you what’s similar between MU Online and Dekaron – both games let players wear wings! Apart from that, both are grind-oriented and require players to work hard before they can actually get to being someone formidably strong. Item shop will help in leveling up your character, but you’ll still have to get your items by questing, hunting, partying and more.


For the next week, I plan on checking out a couple more MMORPGs if possible. Maybe, I’ll just play some new indie games. Ah.. It’s just so hard to decide. I’ll still want to finish Witcher 2.


2 thoughts on “This Week in Gaming – 19th Jan”

  1. The Witcher 2 was excellent. Mu Online not so much. I remember Dekaron [also called 2 Worlds for us Americans] and I remember having a kickass Summoner or something like that. I don’t really remember it’s been a long time.

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