Voyagers – A 20 metre Visual Museum inside a Museum

A permanent installation in the National Maritime Museum’s new Sammy Ofer Wing, Voyagers is an introduction to the extraordinary depth and range of the Museum’s collections.

Designed by exhibition designers Real Studio, the Voyagers gallery is a 20 metre 3D wave-like structure stretching the entire length of the room. Installed by The Light Surgeons, the Voyagers features a massive collection of 300 meta tagged images and films from the museum’s extensive collection. They’ve then translated all of this content into a series of thematic journeys that unfold down the wave. As these designs cascade down the room, the globe projection displays thematic key words relating to each asset in the journey onto a digital navigational device inspired by the museums collection of armillary spheres.

The Light Surgeons collaborated with media artist James George from New York Studio Flightphase to translate their concepts into code-based design for this technically complex project. This collaboration resulted in an open source coding platform – openFrameworks resulting in many ground breaking developments such as allowing the design of the installation to be explored in a simulated environment before the gallery was built and then to seamlessly video map the complex geometry of the wave structure upon its arrival.

This collaboration also lead to some exciting developments in the creative process such as the creation of a generative sea of typography and the interaction between this graphic ocean and the motion of the spherical Puffersphere .


‘Voyagers’ Commissioned by National Maritime Museum

Direction & Production: The Light Surgeons
Bespoke Software Design & Generative Animation: Flightphase

The Light Surgeons
Creative Direction: Christopher Thomas Allen
Producer: Alice Ceresole
Design & Animation: Tim Cowie & Dave Baum
Sound design: Jude Greenaway

Technical Direction & Lead Software Development: James George
Software Development: Timothy Gfrerer

Audio track in video: “Dianne” by Tim Cowie

Courtesy: Vimeo


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