Star Citizen hits a colossal $35 million in Crowd Funding

Star Citizen is now ranked at number 1 in the list of the highest crowd funded projects till date, $20 million ahead of the Ubuntu phone, the most funded until now.

Around 330,000 people have backed this project at an average of $100 – much more than a regular Triple-A title!

Since the audience reached one of their stretch goals, they’ve now unlocked the final fan-voted ship design – The Drake Herald. I tried hard to find images of this darned ship on the internet, I failed miserably.

Anyway, what are they actually doing with all this money? Most people who’ve backed their Kickstarter now argue that they just wanted the game with those basic ships that was part of the commercial. $6 million in funding is massive on Kickstarter.

Chris Roberts, chairman of the Roberts Space Industries wrote on his blog about how delighted he is with the progress Star Citizen has achieved. “When I started this journey I would have never guessed that we would have come so far in such a short time. $35M in funds raised to build Star Citizen before the end of 2013 is truly a monumental achievement! You’re not just re-writing the rules of how games are made and funded but you’re showing the power that a committed community has to achieve a vision that so many people said was no longer relevant. You’ve broken every record there is in crowd funding – and not just for games – for any type of project!”

“With your enthusiasm and generosity you’re allowing the team and I to go beyond the bare minimum we knew we needed to deliver to make Star Citizen an engrossing experience. As Star Citizen is an open universe and there are so many possibilities the additional funds allow us to increase the amount of content available at the start, have more talented developers working on the various facets in parallel, which will allow us to have a richer gameplay experience from the beginning and allow us to invest in some research and development projects to keep Star Citizen ahead of the curve. Unlike a typical publisher we don’t look at this initial funding as bigger profits – we look at as allowing us to deliver more of the dream sooner and ensure the online infrastructure and support is as full featured as possible, even during the pre-release period.”

Now, they’ve added more stretch goals – $36, $37 and $38 million! There’s also poll for which location the community wants to see in the game. Get to that here.

Personally, I don’t really know what they’re going to do with so much money, but I hope all of us Space Sim fans are going to get something really worthwhile to cure that itch.


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