FTL: Advanced Edition adds all new Alien Race and other Features

Developer Justin Ma (artist/designer) and Matthew Davis (programmer/designer) have introduced an all new alien race – the Lanius including new drones, layout, battery backup and so much more for Faster than Light: Advanced Edition. The game is scheduled for an early 2014 release.

In a new blog post, the developer explained why the Lanius were never seen in Federation Space. Apparently, the Lanius, an ancient civilization, absorbed all evidence of their existence.

Apart from the all new Lanius, they’ve also added some previously unannounced features,

Lanius Ship: New player ship with its own achievements and alternate layout.

Type C Ship Layouts: 8 of the original ships will have a third layout that capitalizes on the new content.  With the Lanius ship, that makes for a total of ten new starting ship designs.

Backup Battery Subsystem: Subsystem that can provide temporary reactor power in a pinch.

New Drones: Expanded drone options includes: the Shield Drone that generates a green super shield for your ship, the Anti-Combat Drone that shoots down enemy combat drones, and the Ion Intruder that blasts into the enemy ship and randomly ionizes systems while stunning and distracting crew.

Gameplay Refinements: Doors and Sensors can be manned to increase effectiveness; you can now rename crew mid-game; each race has a small variety of colors which allows for easier visual recognition;

And more to come: We’re still balancing and polishing the features that are being added. Be sure to keep an eye out for additional content announcements!


  • Will contain a ton of new content and improvements: although the larger additions can be disabled if you prefer FTL “vanilla.”
  • This large update is free for those who already own the game on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • FTL is also coming to iPad; it will be the full version of the game including the new “Advanced Edition” content.
  • FTL on iPad will have to be purchased separately from the PC version.
  • An exact date for release has not been decided but we are aiming for early 2014.


lanius ship2


The Lanius are scavengers – metallic lifeforms that rely on the absorption of  minerals to sustain themselves. Their society ebbs and flows in hibernation cycles; they may lie dormant for many years, even while hurtling through space. As soon as they become aware of significant metal deposits they reawaken. Usually this occurs in the dying stages of a galactic civilization or in the wake of intergalactic war.

Reports of reawakened Lanius have appeared in many of the war-torn and abandoned sectors of Federation Space. Their arrival has created panic as they indiscriminately seek our sources of metal – although more diplomatic individuals have suggested that they can be reasoned with.


Individuals of the Lanius race do not require life support to live – they can survive in deep space unaided. In fact, their unique composition reacts strongly to artificial environments causing them to drain the oxygen within any compartment they inhabit. This is no doubt one reason they have had difficulty with diplomatic relations.


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