Help this Girl find her way through Dark Passageways – Match Girl

Built by DDRKirby and xellaya and as one of the entries for the Ludum Dare 28, Match Girl seems to be raking up some likes. The game puts you in the shoes of a little girl trying to make her way through a dark maze. Although there are torches that offer some light, you’ll need to use your matches to see things around you.

In each room of the maze, you can fire up a match to illuminate the entire place, but Hurry! You only get a handful of seconds to memorize the entire place. Also, to stay in sync with the theme of Ludum Dare 28, you only get to use one matchstick in every room.

There are false platforms and moving blocks, rooms occupied by monsters that you’ll need to avoid. Split between two difficulty modes, there are 50 stages available to play.

Ludum Dare 28 is an online jam event where people from around the world create a game in a weekend.

Check out other entries at Ludum Dare 28. They’re fascinating!


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