Strike Vector’s Open Beta commences early Jan 2014

Strike Vector, a multiplayer third person/first person air combat game is speeding towards an open beta early Jan 2014. To sign up for the beta, send an email to

The game is being developed by a 9-man army who call themselves Ragequit Corporation.  It took them 15 months to build this beautiful looking old school-esque shooter using Unreal Engine 3. Strike Vector is reminiscent of classics like Crimson Skies, Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament and more on those lines.

Strike Vector offers possibly the most unique gameplay possibilities. Although the controls feature a hybrid between an aircraft’s high-speed movements and a FPS precision targeting, the game is offering two movement speed modes to choose between speed and precision. Quick Reaction Jet Mode and Hover mode are answers to these questions.

Vectors can also be customized with two different weapons to get an edge in various situations. You can also choose to become a one-weapon specialist by equipping the same weapon on both sides of the aircraft.

Besides getting involved in brilliant dogfights, there are lots of elements that are bringing Strike Vector to life. Check out more features of the game on their website.

Strike Vector is also on Steam Greenlight.


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