Explore an Open Universe Sci-Fi Space MMO with Entropy

If you’ve laid your hands on 4X Space Strategy games or even dabbled with the strategy for a while, you’re going to love what Entropy has to offer.

According the game’s developer, Artplant, Entropy is a “sandbox science fiction MMOG with a strong focus on freeform gameplay and large-scale space combat.” Currently being offered as an Early Access game, players have the opportunity to decide the game’s developmental direction and help create the next-best sci-fi MMO experience.

The Early Access release comes with a host of inspiring features including multiplayer space combat that can hold more than a hundred players simultaneously, a player-driven trading system, a developing dynamic mission system in addition to mining, salvaging and exploring the massive open-world. Since the game is community driven, the community also contributes to the games overall direction in terms of gameplay and other elements.

The game is being made available in three variants – Entropy Colonist ($17.99), Entropy Explorer ($35.99) and Entropy Founder ($89.99). The prices mentioned here are after the 10% holiday sale discount.

Entropy is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Get it on Steam.


2 thoughts on “Explore an Open Universe Sci-Fi Space MMO with Entropy”

    1. I hope it doesn’t, tbh. I think it’ll feature a lot of elements connected to building gameplay experience. I haven’t played the game yet, so I can’t really comment much on what’s actually in the game. This information about the game comes via the press release and other online sources. I hope they implement more strategy, exploration options and multiple paths of progression. I’m sure the early access users are already sending in a lot of feedback 🙂

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